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"Wrong" definition for word expected

I've had this had a handful of times over the last year, and it's always been kinda "iffy", but this one was pretty stark, so I'm reporting it. Not sure if this is a problem with the Words list and flashcards or just the definitions in general (I suspect the latter, since I've seen it prior to this week).

This is for German. I was given "Wand". I answered wall. According to dict.cc, and particularly capitalized, this is correct. However I was told that it was "he/she/it wriggled."

While dict.cc does confirm that is one possible use of it, I have never been given that word in that sense. Clearly something wrong with either the definition or its usage as recorded in my personal profile.

July 25, 2014

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It's not you, it's the cards! There is a discussion going on now about the Spanish ones and I have had exactly the same in Italian. Also some just plain wrong! I've reported some through the support tab and they are working on it, apparently. I would suggest if you get any questionable ones you should do the same!

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