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Student can't get back into her account

I have a student who logged out of her account and now she can't log back in. I've give her the username and the email I show in my classroom for her, but what should be working is not letting her log back on. She's prefer not to have to create a new account because she has done a lot of work so far in Duolingo. How can I help her get back into her account? Or can the Duolingo powers-that-be help her get back in?

May 11, 2020



Can you be more specific? Is she getting an error message?

You say you've given her the username and email, but is she using the right password? If need be, she can reset it (https://www.duolingo.com/forgot_password), or you can reset it for her via the teacher's dashboard.


Your answer was much better than mine, so I deleted it.

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