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French 2 (advanced french) or even for the other languages!

I think this should happen and i just want something to look forward to when I complete french later on.

May 11, 2020


[deactivated user]

    The method used by Duolingo is totally unsuited to teaching at an intermediate level - let alone advanced!

    They have started to extend the question types in French and Spanish to introduce a small number of comprehension-type questions, where there is a short text in your target language, followed by a question with multiple choice answers, but at that level of French you really need to be writing free-form sentences - and a simple system such as Duolingo uses (comparing a set phrase to a list of potential answers) is simply not sufficient to validate such answers.


    As Janet says, the DL method is not suitable for even an intermediate course. They are introducing intermediate vocab in some trees - but that in itself does not make it intermediate - let alone "advanced".

    By intermediate, I'd expect all the teaching to be in your TL. You are working in your TL - you are not translating (or if you do it is in your own head and the faster you stop the faster you will improve). You should be able to read, write, speak, and understand - freeform blocks of text - within the vocab expected. There is no way to automate whether or not you understand at this level.


    Staff/contractors are working very hard on expanding the French course with B1-level content, including new challenge types. You already have plenty to look forward to.


    Quote: and i just want something to look forward to when I complete french later on.

    Good luck with that.

    My math says it easily takes ~1,8-2,3 years to work on a CEFR tree with 158 skills and so many lessons, if you go more slowly (1-2 new L0 lessons per day + regular L1 practice).

    And this math, based on my previous EN->PT shorter tree one year completion success, surely does not mean:
    To complete ALL lessons on all five crown levels, not with the higher x3 / x5 lesson multiplicatino factor!
    Therefore a L1-L3 pyramid system is more realistic to be expected (depending on how many hours you put into).

    So many things can happen in 2-3 years...

    Maybe they extend their tree to 200+ skills and partly reset your progress with the next update...who knows.


    I kinda like Lingodeer's approach in splitting their course into two parts.

    Staff does not do any learner (=true beginner who has to start totally from scratch) a real favor when they increase the tree length more and more.

    The big questions remains: How many people can actually finish their tree?

    Some users, like me, like to always see the "light at the end of the tunnel" and actually be able to complete a tree (at least on a L1(-L3) crown level).
    This works better with a shorter defined (classic) tree design which is not overfilled with too many skills and just overwhelming people with animal/food/abstract vocabulary you can't directly use in speaking scenarios.

    But I am thankful that you can use the Duolingo web portal on a Laptop with the Space, Enter key and free typing (and the number buttons for multiple choice).

    In contrast:

    Lingodeer's website for a premium course subscription is just early BETA and won't work on a computer with a hardware keyboard.

    Being pushed to use a mouse makes no sense, nor does tapping of word banks, like on touchscreen mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

    If you can finish the two Duolingo trees (EN->FR and new FR->EN reverse tree contributors are working on) within the next 3-5 years this is a good start in joining real classes or signing up for 1-on-1 teacher lessons and real speaking exercises.


    Staff does not do any learner (=true beginner) a favor when they increase the tree length more and more.



    Yes, I agree. I could put some work in other languages that I know pretty well.

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