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"Je bent sterk, net zoals een olifant."

Translation:You are strong, just like an elephant.

July 25, 2014



'Net zoals' hasnt shown up yet in previous lessons and I cannot tap on it and translate it. Is it supposed to be like that?


why can you not say "jij bent sterk, net zoals een olifant" here instead of "Je"

are both correct to day??


Both are correct.


Jij is the stressed version, I think.


If you're doing dictation, je is the one said in the audio, so jij is a mistake.


i wonder if there is an easy way to remember net zoals. what is the literal translation? could zoals be "so als" ("als" as in german for "like")?


I guess it's analogous to German "gerade so wie", e.g. "Du bist stark, gerade/genau so wie ein Elefant." (Given that's not very idiomatic usage imo. The idiomatic German would be: "Du bist stark wie ein Elefant." When equal to you use "wie", when more or less than you use "als", e.g. "stärker als". Fun fact: dialectal usage in the south west prefers "als wie", "Ich bin stärker als wie du." I'm stronger than you.)

As a German speaker from the south west the "net" is an annoying fals friend, cause we regionally use "net" like English "not", e.g. "Ich bin net daheim." "I'm not at home." So I always read sentences including Dutch "net" as negations first.


That is a good way to remember it!


Net= just
Like=zoals (sometimes only als)


Je is the slang form when spoken only. You should not write je, ze, we etc. It's incorrect. Jij, jou, zij, hij, zij, wij etc are all the correct forms. This is teaching bad language habits.


Wth??? Je (etc) is NOT slang. It is NOT incorrect and it is NOT bad language habits. Who taught you this nonsense.

It is a proper official word and has been from the start. There is nothing slang about it whatsoever. It is perfectly fine in written texts. Using jij too much would actually be rude even (especially) in formal texts in formal texts, it would be replaced with u anyway. Not with jij.


I feel like this adjective section is in a hurry, I'm literally learning a new word every other slide. Not encouraging and I don't have time to get used to them. Please slow this down.


Why in this sentence is it sterk and not sterke?


Because the adjective comes after the "thing" it describes. If that's the case, it will not get the -e ending.


What does net zoals mean, literally?


Just like. (Transliteration: Just so-as.)


is this a compliment ?


I wasn't expecting to hear motivation quotes while studying today so....Thanks?


Can someone please explain the difference between "net zoals" and "net als"?
"Je bent sterk, net al een olifant" was marked wrong.


I correctly answered the question but it still said I was wrong.


Why is the t on je bent not pronounced?


please change the speaker, he is so hard to understand!!!

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