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  5. "A firefighter in Wales."

"A firefighter in Wales."

Translation:Neach-smàlaidh anns a' Chuimrigh.

May 11, 2020



Is neach-smàlaidh more common than smàladair. A Google search suggests that smàladair is the predominant form used by the BBC.


Sa is a valid alternative to anns a' but was not accepted. Reported.


Why is it a' instead of an?


It is the rule in Gaelic (but not Irish) that when an actually causes lenition (i.e. it is followed by a letter then an h - not just when it might cause lenition) then an becomes a'.


This is saying I have a typo because the apostrophe is missing. I'd put a' if I could, but there are no a' offered as options here - the error is not mine but Duo's.


This sort of thing needs flagged, as the mods may not read this otherwise. One possible explanation: were you offered sa by any chance? This is valid, has no apostrophe, but has not yet been introduced. However, I complained when it wasn't permitted, so it is possible that it is now on the list of permissible answers and so Duo was expecting you to use it, even though it has not yet been taught.


Thanks for this. sa was not offered. But I did flag it so hopefully it will be picked up. Is “mod” a moderator?


I see that the bug still is not fixed, the offered "a" has no apostrophe. I am flagging it again.


Why is it 'anns' here instead of 'ann'?

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