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When to start listening podcasts?

Hello, I started learning French using Duolingo. For now I have 58 crowns and I will start people 3 lesson. I tried the stories in here and I could understand the first three of them. So when do you recommend to start the podcasts? Because I tried the first one (Le magicien des baguettes) and it seemed too many new verbs and phrases. I know I should look up the words, but I just wonder is it too eary for this adventure or is it a thing I should start now? thank you

May 11, 2020



Bonjour et bienvenu au Francais! Definitely stick with the stories. It keeps you from becoming bored and since the speech is slowed down, it is a great way to improve your listening and comprehension skills. The most difficult thing to do for me is to understand spoken languages. I think that is why people avoid listening and focus on the lesson trees. If you have 58 crowns then try listening to another podcast. Like another person said, you will pick up words and phrases, even if you cannot understand everything. You will also see how the language sounds when it is spoken by a native speaker, which is UBER important. Realistically, I feel that podcasts are for intermediate or advanced learners, but when the Duo owl pops up and suggests that you listen to podcasts, then Duo thinks that you are ready.

Go at your own pace. A++


Definitely leave the stories alone for now - they're a great tool once you have some basic understanding of the language.

(Disclaimer: I listened to one Spanish podcast, and no others. I haven't listened to the French ones put out by Duolingo). It's my opinion that one should start listening to French early on. It doesn't matter what the subject is - training your ear is essential in any new language, but it's a little tricky in French.

So, listen often, even if you don't understand the subject matter. Songs, podcasts, movies, radio, whatever.

I like to start by listening for short periods of time, like 10-15 minutes. That's something you can fit in while you do chores, or during a commute, or while waiting in line. Even if you're staying home all the time these days, there are little moments in the day where you can sneak some listening in.


I see. So even if I couldn't understand them all, i will listen :) thank you for the answer. I love French even if it's really difficult. Especially if it is the first time seeing gender articles in a language :)


If you pick out some key words, that's a "win". I have studied a few languages at university - many years pre-Duolingo - (Romanian, Latin, Japanese), and they were all easier to understand than French is. I have been exposed to French all my life. I have hundreds of hours of listening experience. It's still tricky for me to understand everything.

I say this so that you don't get discouraged. If you don't understand anything, keep listening. Your brain is designed to find patterns in random chaotic data. It's how we recognize faces, and have a funny feeling of being "watched", and why we don't feel our clothing all the time, or we stop noticing the white noise of a fan. The brain is filtering out what is useful/necessary and what is not.

So, even when it feels like nothing is happening, keep listening anyway.


wow thanks for this great explanation. I will definitely listen and I hope some day I will be able to understand them all :)


I haven't listened to Duo's podcasts, but I would say if you have the patience, do everything you can. You can always come back and listen to it again when you have a higher level.

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