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"Il a renversé son café sur mes chaussures neuves !"

Translation:He spilled his coffee on my new shoes!

May 12, 2020



Why "chaussures neuves" - i thought age related adjectives come before the noun?


You have two options here: "mes nouvelles chaussures" (almost always before the noun) or "mes chaussures neuves" (always after the noun).


I think i explain this in a better way. Think of it as a car. If you buy a brand new car.... Fabrication récent, then the adjective comes after the noun. Didier a une voiture neuve? (Neuf masc) Oui, c'est la dernière Ferrari.

Nouveau ( fem. Nouvelle) George a une nouvelle voiture? Oui, c'est une vieille Mercedes. In this case, the adjective comes before the noun but is not manufactured now.... New acquisition. I hope you can understand it better now.


Why not "on my brand new shoes"?

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Honest officer, that's why I shot him.


How has prison been so far?


Why not "OVER my new shoes" That's acceptable English


"...on my brand new..." Brand new is given as an alternative meaning for neuve in that very question, yet now marked wrong.


"He spilt his coffee on my brand new shoes!" wasn't accepted


According to Lawless French you and others are correct to translate this as brand new. See this link which gives a good explanation and examples: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/neuf-vs-nouveau/

Duo is frustrating in examples like this. There was a whole section a while back where "brand new" was given as the translation, and I seem to remember, in the Tips. However I also looked a bit further in Collins and Reverso and it would appear that if you want to absolutely sure of "brand new" shoes in French then "toute neuve" can be used.


Renverser must be one of the few verbs that is only used in the perfect tense!

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