Does anyone know if there's a way to find a list of the vocabulary from your studies? I'd love to be able to have all the vocabulary I've 'learned' in one place, so I can review it on my own terms and then come back to the lessons. Let me know if you've found a way :)

hope everyone's enjoying learning; this is pretty fun :)

Thank you,


May 12, 2020


You've got several options:

A list of the words you've learned per skill can be found at Duome, including the tips & notes for that language. Just check (the language shown is the one you are doing at DL at the time, so the flag that shows at the top of the learning page). Click the skill button (between the date and the crown) and the words + notes appear for that particular skill.

If you prefer an overview of the sentences learned, with translations:

Pretty sure there are lists for the other languages you're learning as well. :-)

And of course there's the list of learned words: which also has the voice recordings (click the word you want to explore in the list and you'll see the translation/sentences/recordings).

Happy learning!

Hey there I didnt realise that sort of info was available I have been looking for the exact same thing! Could i possible trouble to do send me a link also for my language as I have no clue how to do that lol

Thank you in advance :)

You mean for the duome page? That's easy... ;-)

Standard it is sorted by 'strength' whereas I prefer 'original order' but that's up to you.

You are a star!! Thanks so much :D

When in LEARN mode, you can find MORE/WORDS. This lists all the words you have learned. I would like to find out how to practise overdue words. I tried to practice the lesson they were in, but actually they did not come up.

It's the same link as this one:

What Hajo_T means it's only visible when in LEARN mode, not in DISCUSS mode (forum), cuz why make it easy and obvious...

Thanks for the lingots TaraColette, happy I could help.

You are very welcome ;) thanks for the input.. I use the app mainly so didnt realise there are all these hidden gems of info but by going from the link you sent me I have aced everything so far.. cant wait for the next version to come out, I had a wee look at and tried out the quizzes and apart from the odd word which isnt covered here im getting on pretty well.. I didnt realise that 'nighean' is also a word for 'girl' and not just daughter along with a few others.. anyway soz i drifted off of topic lol thank you again youve been a great help :)

Thanks. :-)

While (im)patiently waiting for the rest of the tree as we all do, you might want to check out Gaelic with Jason on YT also has songs and texts to learn from which is quite fun, albeit not easy.

Duolingo Scottish Gaelic is the best. :-D

It really is such a wonderful language.. frm a wonderful country! Lol im a tad biased as its my home.. I used to watch dotaman when i was younger and watch my beloved celtic fc play on bbc alba and not understand one single word back then but now i can pick up on the odd words, a friend sent me a 'copy and paste google translation' text to see if i could read it, and i did! I was soo chuffed with myself as for speaking it god only knows what that will come out like as nobody i know would have a clue. I could tell them im stealing underpants and no one bat an eyelid lol.. many thanks for the tips and advice :):)

Learn mode?? Im lost soz im such a newbie

I think Learn mode just means not the forum, not the shop, not stories and not ‘more’. In other words, the link to your learned words is only available when you’re working under the tab where the actual exercises are (on my browser, the Learn mode tab is to the far left at the top, and is signified by three overlapping circles which look a little like bubbles).

So you can find your words list only while you’re learning/practicing, which would make sense!

I hope that explains it :)

Nice try. :-) Actually all word lists, that I currently have access to, are available all the time, regardless of whichever 'mode' you're in, except the one for Scottish Gaelic which isn't there when checking the forums, which is why I shared the direct link

Could be that it'll be magically solved once the tree is complete. ;-)

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