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"Marc hates traveling; he doesn't like anything."

Translation:Marc déteste voyager, rien ne lui plaît.

May 12, 2020



Why not il n'aime rien?


Accepted for me.


I don't understand why ne and rien are inverted and don't straddle the verb, any answers?


So I'm now at the point where I just get irritated by the "tip" that duo provides. The tip points out that infinitive forms of French verbs contain their own "to," which is absolutely fine. But then why do some constructions require "de" or "à" prior to the infinitive form? I understand there must be some rule, but it has nothing to do with infinitives being translated as "to [perform some action" and I'm finding that annoying.
It's not the only tip that combines complete accuracy with total lack of value...am I the only one annoyed by such things?

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