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"The Unsullied is admiring the wise girl."

Translation:Dovaogēdy sylvie riñe majaqsa.

May 12, 2020



I don't get it when it will be sylvie and when sylvī


Sylvie is used for describing singular nouns, sylvī for the plural. That's true for both Lunar and Solar nouns in the nominative (subject of the sentence) and accusative (object of the sentence). So,

  • Dovaogēdy sylvie riñe majaqsa "The Unsullied is admiring the wise girl"
  • Dovaogēdy sylvī riñī majaqsa "The Unsullied is admiring the wise girls"

See https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Adjectives#Class_III

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