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  5. "Mòran taing, a Mhàiri."

"Mòran taing, a Mhàiri."

Translation:Many thanks, Mairi.

May 12, 2020



I typed "thanks a lot" instead of "many thanks". I'm not a native English speaker. Is there that much difference between the two?


I'm from Stirling, Scotland, and almost exclusively use the phrase 'Many thanks'. As someone else stated 'Thanks a lot' would most likely be perceived as a sarcastic comment. In other words, 'thanks for nothing!'


Southeast US, "thanks a lot/bunch" here is about 50/50 as to whether it's sincere it sarcastic. "many thanks" is really common.


Tricky one! "Many thanks" is a literal translation, but I wouldn't use it very much - if at all - in English. But "thanks a lot" is often used sarcastically to mean the opposite. You would have to hear the tone it was said in to know. I would probably say "thank you very much" if I really meant it.


Thank you very much then ;-) But I agree, the tone makes a lot of difference in everyday life.

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