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Can you guys please recommend some French and German youtubers?

would love to listen and practice my those languages while laughing :P

May 12, 2020



These are not humorous YouTubers, but learning channels on YouTube. My French is not advanced enough to catch and understand French when it is spoken at a natural speed. Also humor in a foreign language can be very difficult to comprehend. You might be much more advanced than I, but in case you're still learning, these are pretty good.

Français Authentique
Français avec Pierre
Le Monde
Learn French with FrenchPod101.com
Learn French with Pascal


Hmm. Learn French With Alexa Is the YouTube channel I enjoy learning French with, she is funny but at the same time she still teaches lots. I'm not sure if you will like her channel too but you can check it out.


funny and popular french youtubers i can think of:

-Mister V makes funny videos and has also made music.

-PV Nova makes funny videos about music, like parodies of music genres.

-Dans Ton Corps makes videos about medicine/health.

-Greg Guillotin makes pranks (he pretends he’s looking for a job).

-Cyprien and Norman are popular french youtubers, but I hardly never watch them and don’t know much about them.

-C’est Pas Sorcier was a science show in the 90’s/2000’s and many of their videos are on youtube.

-120 Minutes are french-speaking swiss people who make parodies.

(edit: paragraphs to make it more readable)


Don't forget Ikenna

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