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  5. "Sin frids fuar."

"Sin frids fuar."

Translation:That is a cold fridge.

May 12, 2020



Why is "That fridge is cold." incorrect? The meaning is the same.


No, the meaning is not the same. That fridge is cold could be used eg. in a dialogue:

“One of the fridges doesn’t work, which one is warm?”

“That fridge is cold. It must be another one.”

or to answer a question what is the fridge in your garage like?: oh, that fridge is cold.

While that is a cold fridge is an answer to what is that weird looking thing?.

Gaelic sin frids fuar definitely could be an answer to the what is that thing?.

And to say that fridge is cold you’d need tha am frids sin fuar – with am frids sin that fridge as the subject, tha as the verb (since you are describing it, not defining it), and fuar cold as the predicate.


do we not need a 'tha' here to cover the 'is' ? Is 'that cold fridge' an incorrect translation


that cold fridge would be am frids fuar sin with sin that attributing am frids fuar the cold fridge.

You cannot use tha to define something, that’s a wrong verb, it is only used to describe things and their whereabouts.

So to say that is a cold fridge you need sin frids fuar or ’s e sin frids fuar or (’s e) frids fuar a tha sin (the last one analogical to ’s e frids fuar a th’ ann for it is a cold fridge, but irregularly with sin and seo the ann ‘in-it’ part disappears, as if a noun phrase predicated the tha verb, which generally is not possible in Gaelic grammar).


This is doing my head in. I'm trying to understand the examples for using sin/seo but the whole dilemma is really holding me back. I feel like giving up but I think now is the time to move on and hope that the penny drops later on.


I agree, Valerie. I tried the recommended links but there was too much theory for me to make sense of it, and unfamiliar grammatical terms like 'cupola'. But I think I've finally worked out a simple explanation: In a sentence like 'Sin frids fuar' Sin seems to mean 'that is', not 'that'. I hope that helps.


Which dilemma? What do you need help with? sin is that (something a bit away from you), seo translates as this (something closer to you).


Hi! It's not the words sin or seo that confused me. It's how to use them in the examples like "that is a cold fridge" "vs "that fridge is cold". Sometimes I see the difference as in your recent explanation but at other times I can't see the logic. I'm sure it's something that will suddenly fall into place one day. Right now it just feels very confusing. Thanks for asking.


In that case the thread Seo vs Tha seo might help: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38564893

But also note these two posts of mine for explanation of the phrase is math sin which doesn’t follow the patterns:


since 'frids' is a nm the adjective must be 'fuar' but there is no 'f' in the speech, and so I wrote 'ùr' - which could make sense.

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