"They are my teachers."

Translation:वे मेरे शिक्षक हैं।

May 12, 2020

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Why is "woh" written and pronounced as "ve" throughout this course?


In Hindi, the singular form (that/it/she/he) is वह pronounced 'voh' but the plural form (those/they) is वे pronounced 've'.

That said, Hindi's twin language Urdu uses 'voh' for both uses and some colloquial Hindi speakers do the same. Less often, you can also see this in writing as वो.


वे मेरे अध्यापकों हैं । can't I say like this ?


Yes but it should be अध्यापक instead of अध्यापकों.

The plural of अध्यापक is अध्यापक itself. अध्यापकों is the oblique case form of the plural अध्यापक which should be used when it is the object of a postposition.

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