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Beginner struggling with the lessons

I'm really starting to struggle with the lessons, feeling like I'll never get past basic level, which I've been at for a few months at a rate of 50xp/day. I've tried doing extra practices and listening to French language media (mostly it just sounds like random noise to me tbh) during the day. I've written down page after page of French words - I stopped doing that because it felt useless after awhile.

I'm just not progressing and I can't seem to remember things day to day. The only positive feedback I've been able to give myself is that I can recognize many written words and occasionally I can pick out a word or two in an audio. I don't do well at the speaking portions of the lessons. Maybe some of us are just bad at languages.

I don't want to quit, but maybe I should switch my goal from learning to speak some French, which is basically a zero for me right now, to being able to listen to more French. It might at least give me a sense of progress. Is doing that worthwhile, would it help me if I came back another time and tried to learn pronunciation and syntax?

May 12, 2020



Don't push yourself too far! It's great to know that you're putting so much effort into learning French, but you should give yourself breaks sometimes and just make it a fun learning process! c:


Hey dude,in my opinion you should practise only on basics 1 and 2.Whenever you hear a new word, repeat it not in your accsent,but in the accsent the narrator said it.Repeat the word and its meaning,so you can remember it easely. And the most important thing is: STUDY WITH DUO ONLY WHEN YOUR MIND HAS RESTED.Do not study when you are exausted .


here are some lingots so u can get a streak freeze and take a break


Maybe back off on the amount of time you're spending. Don't leave completely, it's a good habit to do one or two lessons a day, but don't try for hundreds of XP either. Set your goal to ten or 20. Don't worry if you forget things in between reviews, our minds work like that, so exposing yourself to the same information again after an interval of a couple of days will help you to remember it. Each time you see it, it will burrow further into your mind. I don't recommend that you keep repeating the same lessons, that way lies boredom, and while you will remember the information for a few days, your long term retention won't be as good as if you keep going on, exposing yourself to new information lightly, then going back a few days later for review.


It takes time. Think months and years - not days and weeks.

Try and do something every day.

Make sure you read the tips before each skill - and sentence discussions after the lesson. Take notes. And use the hover method (do not take each skill to level 5 quickly) - https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/ (this gives you the best chance to remember long term and to understand the material)

Plus all the usual things for studying. Eat well. Sleep well. Take mini-breaks every 10-15 minutes and long breaks every 90 minutes or so.


Starting out, I knew this would take awhile, but what I didn't realize was that the slowness of it would cause me to lose sight of any progress. I was thinking of abandoning trying to speak French words and sentences for awhile, and just focus on trying to understand some more of the language, to hopefully restore a sense of progress. Like trying to juggle 3 balls instead of 5 balls. Or would it be better to concentrate on learning to say a few simple things?


Duolingo does better with written communication than spoken, so concent4ate on the reading and writing. Do, of course, repeat the phrases, but don't stress about it.


Yes have a break. Not too long. Then get a very large excercise book. Write down the information from the tips for the first skill, ( Basics 1) and do a few lessons from that skill writing down sample sentences. Leave a few pages and do the same with skill 2.

It helps to number the pages and write an index at the front of the book.

When you go to level 2 in a skill you can have a quick look at your notes and add some new sentences.

This will help much more than lists of random words. It really does help to have the tips for a lesson in front of you as you do each lesson.

By the time you get to level four you might find you don't need the book any more.

Hope this helps. Good luck. Be kind to yourself.


And i have a last tip,try constructing sentences with the new words you learned.And then repeat the sentence a couple of times


learning languages is a long job


Try Memrise and Anki to remember things day to day. With spaced repetition you would be able to remember things you already learned and have a sense that you're progressing. Duo is flawed as far as spaced repetition is concerned

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    Take a look at these Notes. The first one is the most important. Things will become clear.

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