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"I know there are fifty states in the United States."

Translation:Je sais qu'il y a cinquante États aux États-Unis.

May 12, 2020



Why is États capitalized?


État = a geographical state / état = a physical or mental state (being sick, being joyful...)


Well blow me! So why isn't "pays" capitalised when it is also a state?


Surely because there is no other word written the same but which would mean something else ^^


But "pays" can be used to mean "region" (with a small "r"). It can even be used to mean village. And in those contexts it is written the same as "pays" meaning country-state.


Very true...


However, note that during my law and political science studies, we always wrote état like this to mean a geographical state. History teachers I had also contest unanimously the spelling "Histoire" and prefer "histoire".

So, considering that the specialists are not ok with that capitalization, all this sounds to me more like a Mandela effect.


Odd. Even if I move to the start of the answer box, I'm not getting the options to use upper-case accented letters. And certainly not (but for more obvious reasons) when I'm in the middle of the answer box.

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