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How much Duolingo do you set your students to complete?

May 12, 2020



This is an excellent question, DoYourDailyDuo; I am glad you asked it.

For me, this varies during the year and according to what we are studying.

I start the students off with the minimum, just so that they get used to studying a little bit every day. That would be 20 XP for a week. This is two skills.

Now, keep in mind, I am a teacher. Students have time during class to practice (with games!), and usually I give one quick five-minute worksheet with four or five questions, or a quick story to read, every two days, or every day when we get going. And then on top of that, they have to do one Duolingo lesson a day. If we are getting ready to play restaurant in school, I will assign them to do "groceries" or "restaurant" or "lunch" or whatever skill correlates to food.

At the moment, because I don't want my students to feel stressed, I am keeping the assignment to one time a day. But I'm letting them choose what they work on. (The XP button) That works out to the 75 XP level for one week. (But that's too much for your six-year-old sister.)

And that's it -- one time a day. There is no reason to blitz. If you try to learn too much at once, everything falls out of your head. Make short bursts of studying a habit: your brain will thank you.

And then, make sure your little sister gets up and away from the computer! Get up and get your deck of Uno cards, or go to the kitchen and make a snack, or ask her what color dress you should put on her stuffed animal, and start using the language! Ask her questions, make her talk to you! Make her lose the Uno game if she forgets to say the number and color with each card she puts down. Put the wrong clothes on the stuffed animal if she doesn't name the right ones. Build her sandwich upside down if she doesn't name the ingredients in the right order. Make it fun, but get away from the computer and actually use the language. :)


Thank you for the advice MadameSensei! Yesterday I taught my little sister body parts and sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with her in Spanish. She enjoyed that! We also played Simon Says in Spanish. For example, I said to her, "Touch your cabeza and she touched her head, I said "Touch your nariz and she touched her nose etc. She is loving the lessons and is now wanting more because she thinks of the lessons as play.

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