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"He should tell us what scares him."

Translation:Il devrait nous dire ce qui lui fait peur.

May 12, 2020



Again i get it wrong. I don't know when to use le and when to use lui.


le is always direct object whereas lui is indirect object.

How to differentiate one from the other :

  • The direct object is the answer to a direct question : What? Who?...

  • The indirect object is the answer to an indirect question (implying the use of a preposition) : To what? To whom?...

In this Duo sentence, it's kind of tricky because him (Scares who? -> him) is direct object in the English sentence, and lui is indirect object in the French one. That is because we say : "faire peur à" (-> preposition needed) (faire peur à qui ? -> lui).


Wow thank you! very very helpful


Why is the subjunctive not required here? I was expecting 'ce qui lui fasse peur'. Is the indicative used because 'devrait' isn't expressing a wish/hope/desire, or is there some other reason?


There is not uncertainty about what he is afraid of. He is afraid of some things (that's a fact), and we'd like to know what.

Example of uncertainty : "Je voudrais que ce film ne lui fasse pas peur." (I'm hoping the movie will not frighten him, but I'm not sure.)


Is it wrong to say : "Il devrait nous dire ce que lui fait peur" instead?


Yes, quI is needed.


What's the difference between "DOIT" and "DEVRAIT"?

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