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How to keep motivated?

The first few weeks of learning french I felt extremely motivated and would do hours of duolingo a day. But now I am feeling kinda a slump

May 12, 2020



Remind yourself why you started learning a language (or languages) every time you feel unmotivated.


Listening to music in songs sung in the languages I'm learning/want to learn Motivate me A LOT! Whether I understand the songs or not. Sometimes with some of the languages I know a little of, I will challenge myself by writing the lyrics in the language. If I don't know the words I will look them up and this helps me learn new vocab. It can make things fun as well. :) Music is my life and anything tied to it motivates me with anything and everything I want to do in my life! :) Don't give up, keep at it. In the beginning it seems so hard and you feel you'll never get it. Then, later down the line, you really see how far you have come! Hang In There! :) Some of the languages I'm learning are TRULY "challenging"! :/ Bonne Chance mon ami!


My way of looking at it is pretty simple. I feel accomplished and proud of myself for keeping up with my daily lessons. I realized how good I felt and happy that I was learning a new language and that the only way to keep that high going, was to continue working. Obviously life gets in the way sometimes, I had a 30+ day streak going for a while, but it came down to me realized I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment. Also there are some mental perks to keeping up with your lessons. Learning a new language improves your mental health and constantly exercising your brain is a great way to stay sharp.


Picture your end results, that really motivitea me


Stop doing it if you aren't the one motivating yourself. You have to be the one that wants to learn a new language, even if it's for a class. That's what motivated me.


Set your goal to the lowest possible number of points a day and do just one lesson until you feel motivated to do more. The low goal and single lesson is so you keep up the habit, but without feeling like you're forcing yourself You've probably reached a saturation point, too much of anything isn't good.


somebody thinks that learning languages is a simple task - it is a really hard work and demand patience and endurance - and all these - for a long time


Don't forget to include breaks (10-15 minutes a short one and longer ones at 90 minutes) and variety. Even switching between note taking and lessons is good. Also consider flash cards, other apps like Pimsleur, and listening to native speakers ie films and songs.

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