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Any suggestions for French books to read for beginners?

I heard that some people read books in a different language to help them learn. Does anyone know any?

May 12, 2020



The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was originally written in French but has now been translated in different languages, but if you can find the French version, read it! It's such a good book and it's a short read as well!


haha exactly; I just commented and someone already suggested

It's universally a great way to start your French book journey


thanks, I will have to try it! (:


np! i read it in english and it was soooooo good, i would be interested in reading it in french though!


Great book - but with just DL still too hard.


Le Petit Prince is not a good book to start with, as it uses the passé simple tense, which is one of the hardest tenses in the French language. I would read children's books in French as a beginner- you can find some by googling "livres pour enfants" (books for children). Bon apprentissage (happy learning) !


Well I guess you're right. Modern children stories must have simpler language.

But from personal experience it was the first French book that I've read along with listening to an audiobook in a slower speed. And I don't remember having any particular trouble. It's not like you're gonna pay attention to every grammatical detail while reading your first book. I was more focused on understanding the general meaning.


Merci, beaucoup! Je suis d'accord.

[deactivated user]

    Books with pictures, the pictures help you learn the vocabulary.

    * Le Petit Nicolas - more advanced.


    I wanted to thank you for the sources you shared. I just looked at story weaver and it has hundreds of books and free. Thank you very much


    Merci beaucoup! I never knew about this before. Lingot to you!


    When I start learning languages I usually try to read comics. It's not very academic but there's not too much text, pictures can help you understand the phrases and the language used is close to spoken language. It is also very funny and rewarding because you quickly start to understand things and it encourages you to keep learning. Depending on your interests, I can recommend you some french comics if you want!

    If you specifically want to read books, I'd advise you to start with children books or maybe fairy tales. Fairy tales might be a bit hard to understand in terms of vocabulary and tense though. Try with some tales you already know like "the little riding hood" or "the three little pigs".

    You can also try reading books that you already read in your mother language, but most importantly you have to choose something you like to read. It can be interesting to pick a book that you like and that was first published in French because you can discover the original text.

    [deactivated user]

      Great ideas:

      TinTin comics:

      For those who decide to download these, note that there are 23 of them. So you can change the URL below from 1 ... 23 to see each one.


      Archie Comics

      • Go to this site: Library
      • Then click the books tab.
      • then click on TumbleBiblio Enfants icon.
      • Choose French in top left corner
      • then click the "Romans graphiques" tab.

      These are the available titles:

      • Archie Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)
      • Betty Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)
      • Jughead Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)
      • Veronica Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)

      Each comic book is long containing five chapters.

      To see everything available on the Tumble site, click the index link in the top left corner. There are lots of books with audio.

      Note that one must enter the site through the library every time or else Tumble will not work.

      Free Online Library with French Comics

      Bibliothèque des Amériques (Free Modern French Ebooks for all Ages)


      Well 'Le petit prince' is always a good way to start :)


      Check this post, also the right side (long list of similar posts). https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11557361/Free-french-childrens-ebooks-in-pdf-format


      Any children's books for beginners. After you learn the basics, Le Petit Prince by St Exupery is a classic.

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