EdLaw 2d

Has anyone from New York had any luck getting in contact with Duolingo regarding the new New York privacy law for students? I've tried several times and have had no response. My district is disallowing me to use this site with my students because they do not believe Duolingo complies with the new law's requirements for student data. This site has been so valuable to my students even before we went to distance learning, I can't believe I'm not allowed to use it anymore now, of all times!

May 12, 2020


Thanks, but I don't understand the significance of this link. I have read it already and it apparently does not address my district's issue with the site.

My school district in Saratoga County, NY has actually blocked DuoLingo from the students' wifi this year because it has not responded to requests regarding Ed Law 2-d. I'm very disappointed.


Duolingo provides some features and services intended for use by children. Duolingo uses age-gating to restrict what services are available to children depending on the age of the user and the applicable laws of their country. For example, a 15 year old child in Germany will require parental consent to use the Service, whereas a 12 year old child in the United States of America would receive a restricted service but not require parental consent.

This still does not address New York Ed Law 2-d.

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