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"Ela vai dizer onde ele pode produzir."

Translation:She will say where he can produce.

May 8, 2013



No one would ever say this in english. I wonder what it means?


Hard to know.... maybe a boss telling the worker where he can plant/grow a kind of food, what place in a region one can choose to start/run a business.... probabilities....


I agree, pretty much gibberish, think usage for the word 'produce' differs in English... I can't think of a viable example, unless they were talking about movie production.


What is the difference between falar and dizer?


They are interchangeable. Here you can use both.

  • dizer = to tell, to say
  • falar = to tell, to say, to talk, to speak


I know in English, we often use the words tell, say, talk, and speak in quite different situations (and aren't interchangeable in some). Is dizer generally used more like "tell/say" and falar like "talk/speak"? Are there other differences?

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