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Book recommendations in French?

My French level is upper-intermediate. I play video games, watch videos, and read articles in French a lot and can understand almost everything I read, but I would like to start reading books so I can acquire more vocabulary and practice comprehension.

I am interested in classics, old fantasy novels, and French philosophy. I am not going to just read them, but also use them as decoration for the aesthetic in my apartment.

May 12, 2020



Camus, Lacan, Sartre, Baudelaire, Proust etc. Just check out which books you might enjoy of them. I liked the myth of sysiphus by camus. But didn't read it in french. When my french is as bit better i will definitely start reading these authors.


Les Misérables, Le Petit Prince or Madame Bovary are a few classics. Even though French is my second language, I've never really looked into the liteature. It really depends on what type of books you like I guess. I recommend just looking some up on google, read the ratings and summaries and find one that seems interesting to you. Bonne chance!


Thank you! I did try Googling these categories for French books, but I wanted to ask real people so I can have recommendations for what is actually good and not boring. Libraries aren't open right now, so I can't check for myself by borrowing them.


There are some great recommendations in here! Have fun with your decorations - I'm sure they'll be great c:


If you are good in French and you want some complicated vocabulary, you should try some classics like Jules Verne "le tour du monde en 80 jours", Françoise Sagan "bonjour tristesse", Guy de Maupassant "la parure". Maupassant have written a lot of "nouvelles" which are great ! for easier books you can look for "celui qui n'aimait pas lire", "vendredi ou la vie sauvage" "stupeur et tremblements". And if you want some really complicated books that even French people don't understand, you have "le cid" "britannicus" or old poetry like "mignonne allons voir si la rose"


Je Petit Prince I read it in English and it is an amazing book I'm going to try it in French soon too when I get better. Bonne lecture!

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