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Sensu strictu, not all Latin... but, at least, Neolatin.

Biological binomial denominations are usually referred to as "the Latin name" of a species. They are actually Latin but, most of them, cum grano salis. The alphabet they are written in is the Latin one and desinences, when used, are Latin too but, except those and a bunch of clearly Latin words, other languages profusely show up too in binomials, mainly Ancient Greek (the case, for example, of giant panda's Ailuropoda melanoleuca and vinegar fly's Drosophila melanogaster).

Just as a curio I created this Tiny Cards pack https://tiny.cards/decks/Kh6pVVYF/animals-binomial-denominations with some animal binomial denominations and their translations. Comments and corrections are welcome!

Also, do you know any curious animal species names I could add to the pack? ;) Thanks in advance!

PS: I forgot I was also making the same with fossil creatures and plants. I've just made visible the fossils' one: https://tiny.cards/decks/KhqSiLtc/fossil-animals-scientific-binomial-denominations . I'll activate also the one about plants after checking it if it passes my test :D

May 12, 2020


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