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How Should I Organize A Binder For All The Words I Learned?

I am thinking on making a binder for all the French words I know. Any tips on how to organize it would be much appreciated.

May 12, 2020



A few ideas:

  • Checkpoint you learned them in

  • By noun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc.

  • Masculine, feminine, plural

  • Same ending

  • Irregular

  • Same rule applies

  • etc.

Hope this helps


Thank you very much for your tips. Have a good day.


Yeah, you too.


It really depends how you learn best, and what you want the binder to be for. Some people want to create a mini dictionary, so make it alphabetical; some want personal flashcards, so keep it shuffleable; some like category lists, so want all the colours together, all the fruits together, etc.

Personally, after many years of learning languages and other topics, I know that what works for ME is to write things down logically as I learn them, but then I am less likely to review my own notes. So I have a general notebook where I write everything down, and the practice of writing helps me to remember. If I need that phrase or list again within a few days it's easy to flip back to, or if I have forgotten I'll look it up. This is not at all to recommend this as a method for others, but to point out that you need to try different methods until you see what works best for you. In the meantime, go with how you imagine reusing your notes.


would be nice to have a cheat sheet for words we learn on duo so we can print a crib sheet out or something


why dow vote this? I am new to discussions but hardly makes me want to share my views


Aww welcome to discussions! There are some toxic people on here but don't worry about them c:

(Here's an upvote to you for a perfectly legitimate great answer)!


I've seen many useful tips on what words and how to categorize them, but I think Tinycards is an amazing way to keep them in flashcards!!

Hope this helps!



I have a binder. The binder is a good format because you can add pages. I started with vocabulary topics like "food", "animals", "house", "travel" headings. Then there are themes like Money/Amount, Direction, Adjectives, Verb endings. Adverbs. Time. I am putting a bunch of stuff into a book now with numbered pages and an Index to help me find stuff. Sure you can buy such books, but writing it yourself helps you organize the information in the way you learn best as well as the fact that you put the information in there so you have to have read it right? Don't know about you but I have a lot of books that I have only skimmed and not really read. Easier to search information if it is organized by your own brain.


I would say by difficulty and/or topic

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