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  5. "My friend is wanting water."

"My friend is wanting water."

Translation:Tha mo charaid ag iarraidh uisge.

May 13, 2020



I thought "mo" was more for intimate possessions, like your body parts, and friend would have been "agam". I know "mo" is becoming more common, though, so maybe my understanding is outdated.


I'd say friend is quite intimately connected to a possessor: you're always someone's friend, after all, just like a hand is pretty much always someone's hand. You can apparently also use an caraid agam, but that'd imply a more distant relation than mo charaid. (In my mind's eye I actually see a child talking about their action figure called the "Caraid", but that's probably just me...) I don't think mo/do/etc. is becoming more common though, rather the opposite.

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