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Class :English for Japanese speaking learners

As teacher, I cannot read Japanese but the skills and lessons written on in Japanese, how can I get it in my language? Please advise.

May 13, 2020



preedeethu, are you saying that your students speak Japanese and are learning English?

If so, the easiest thing for you to do is create a second classroom. This classroom will have no students but you. When you create the classroom, say that it is FROM English Learning Japanese. When you get the classroom code, add yourself.

Now you will be able to "mirror" your students. You should work through the lessons, too. :) Just one lesson a day is fine.

And then, once your students finish the tree, you can move them to the second classroom, and they can complete the tree in reverse, which a lot of people enjoy doing.

I hope this helps!


If you are in a class for English speakers (i.e. Japanese for English speakers, French for English speakers), your interface will be in English.

If you are in a class for Japanese speakers (i.e. English for Japanese speakers), your interface will be in Japanese.

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