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"This magnificent poem makes me want to cry."

Translation:Ce poème magnifique me donne envie de pleurer.

May 13, 2020



ce magnifique poème ou ce poème magnifique je ne vois pas la nuance


Before the noun, it is your opinion (more subjective/relative) and after the noun, there is a consensus about this characteristic (more objective/factual).


I put magnifique before the noun and was marked wrong. Based on what we've been tought and the BANGS rule, it should be accepted. Especially since this lesson is about opinions.


"Magnifique" is not part of the BANGS but one of those adjectives you can place before (more subjective) or after (more objective) the noun they modify.
Unfortunately, Duolingo does not seem to know that.


Why not part of BANGS? It is an adjective of "goodness."


As far as I know, there's only a handful of adjectives in the BANGS.

For Goodness, there's "bon" and "mauvais".

For Beauty, there's "beau" and "joli".

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