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  5. "Madainn mhath a ghràidh."

"Madainn mhath a ghràidh."

Translation:Good morning, love.

May 13, 2020



why was 'my love' accepted for previous question when feasgar math was the salutation?


Likely the previous question was 'Feasgar math, mo ghràidh' instead of 'Feasgar math, a ghràidh'.


I don’t think there are exercises ending with mo ghràidh (can’t find any discussions with that phrase in the title)

And using it to address your love wouldn’t be good Gaelic; when you address someone you use the vocative: a ghràidh, a charaid, etc., and not mo ghràidh, mo charaid, etc.

I’d guess that my love was just missed in this sentence but added in the other as accepted translation – if you report it next time, contributors will probably add it.

(one exception to this is the Lord’s prayer, where there is ar n-Athair a tha air nèamh… for our Father who art in heaven; but I’d argue that it’s because of too literal translation from Latin and tradition that made it stick, not because it’s a particularly good translation)

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