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"Comment faites-vous pour taper si vite ?"

Translation:How do you type so fast?

May 13, 2020



Why does Duo prefer "faire pour taper" over simply "taper"?


It’s sort of « What do you do [in order] to type so quickly ? »


Recommended translation us very poor. The sense of the French phrase is rather - How do you manage to type so fast? (or you contrive, you get trained, catch the trick, become dextrous, etc.)


J'ai appris à taper de contact il y a trente ans


Although both Reverso and Collins translate this as "fast", "quickly" would be better (or at least equally good) because an adverb is required and "fast" is an adjective. Fast refers to speed, and quickly refers to time. For example: 'That car is very fast.


it seems the literal translation does not work here. I type how do you do to type so fast and was wrong.

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