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La maestra de español

Does anyone know why at times students will login and it states there is no account? This has happened to a few students. I even tried to login with their username and passwords with no luck. Gracias

May 13, 2020



If you were the one that created their account, make sure they follow the instructions to login.

You can also check here for setup instructions

Here is a helpful link:-

If this doesn’t help, submit your bug here on the support page


Thanks, I think it's a bug in the system because I tried as well a few times. This happened last week to another student. However, he got in a few hours later. i sent an email about this to the link you provided. Thank you again.


Not a great idea to publicly share a username and password combination, even if it's a test account. If someone decides to have a peek, they can see your email address in their settings because this account is in one of your classrooms.


The classroom was deleted after I took the screenshots.


You should still delete the screenshot. Your email isn't the only thing they would be able to see. It should go without saying to never share passwords on the forums, under any circumstance.


Hang tight; I have had three students who could not get into their accounts this week, so I submitted a bug report on the Educator's Network (a more direct line. You all should join!)

One student had magical healing the next day, so have your students try again.

In the meantime, I am marking the students who can't get in as "no count" for the week. It's not their fault.

I'll report this thread on the Educator's Network so that there is more data for Duo. Stay tuned.

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