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My speech is not being recorded or parsed.

At random times, the microphone symbol seems not to work. If switches to stop and back and indicates a change in volume but after clicking stop, i get no result and I'm forced to click on turn off microphone to avoid having to restart. A skip button should be implemented to help me avoid doing this all the time or I should be allowed to type my solution.

July 26, 2014



Same here. Most of the time the mike works perfectly fine, answers are understood and I do get either a green OK or a red Try-again. But now and then - no one knows why and when - it's not responding anymore. Doesnt even show the red "that's probably wrong" message or offers to skip this one. There is only the button the turn of the mike completely. Strange.

Really hope this gets any attention by staff members.

BTW: Win7 & Opera 23.0.1522.60


I'm on Mac OSX Mavericks, using firefox 31.0 with no addons. Sometimes, the audio recording will randomly not work. I can still hit the "start recording button," and the volume indicator in the button will indicate that my mic is picking up sound, but Duolingo will not parse the sound or fail me. My only option is to turn off the microphone entirely (Which is terrible if this is the first question of the lesson) and then turn it on again at the end of the lesson. Can't seem to find any pattern to when it stops working.

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