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Disable copy/paste? Google Translate hack...

I've noticed a lot of my students will open Google Translate in one tab and Duolingo in another so they can just copy paste between the two. This obviously doesn't work for clicking words from the word bank or listening, but it is still annoying because it generally does work for the true production exercises...the ones that best show their ability.

Is there a way I can block text from being copied from or pasted to Duolingo?

May 13, 2020



Like Plato said: If thoust students open Google in thee, and Duolingo in they, be a good admin and block their accounts from searching google translate or anything rhyming like google translat or googl translate, and block the website and be Plato because he's awesome.


I feel your pain, AaronLam. That's why I start every year with a lecture on Google Translate. I show a bunch of pictures of failed tattoos (Arianna Grande got a stupid one last year, and then tried to fix it and made it worse...), some nonsensical restaurant menus, articles about "Russia" being translated as "Mordor" for three weeks, and the whole "Cofveve" thing that was an autocorrect that idiots fed into Google Translate. I show the students screen shots of Google Translate when you type in things like "I want to visit my grandma" in French and it comes up something nasty. I finish with a song from "Google Translate Sings" (usually Bohemian Rhapsody) and part of a video from Peanut Butter Gamer where he talks about bad machine translations in weird i-pad games.

What we have to do is instill the value of actually learning a language in our students. Get them to come up with a goal: What do they want to USE the language for? Help them see the value in actually learning the language.

I wonder: If the students are using Google Translate, then they aren't truly engaged in Duolingo. Frankly, it probably takes longer to Google Translate than to mouse-over the words for definitions, and Google Translate probably gives them a lot of errors (unless they are on the very very early levels). You'll need to find a way to get the students to enjoy the exercises enough so that they don't feel compelled to cheat. I suggest pointing them towards Duolingo Stories, if the language you teach has them, and show the students that they can mouse over the words that they don't know.

Duolingo is just a tool, after all. It should be a fun way for your students to get some extra practice. Hopefully, like Thomas.Heiss says, it is not the only thing you are doing with your kids. Make them talk to you and each other in the target language during your on-line classes. Give them a picture book to read. (Youtube has a lot of people reading picture books, and a lot of the really old ones have .pdfs on the interwebs. Check out Project Gutenberg https://www.gutenberg.org/ for a bunch of public domain books.) Check out Tinycards by Duolingo for a way to drill down on individual skills. Even if students Google Translate the first card, it will take longer to cut-and-paste than to do the deck, and they will quickly realize that.

Good luck!



you could ask your technical administrator.

Why do they not simly block translate.google.com in the firewall?


Is there a way I can block text from being copied from or pasted to Duolingo?

Just announce that you will regularly have them write tests / quizzes.

Test them on their RECALLING abilities in the L2 target language.

Once they recognize that they may fail your tests and have no clue about what the paper is asking them, they will hopefully stop this nonsense.

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