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  5. "Tha mi maol a-nis."

"Tha mi maol a-nis."

Translation:I am bald now.

May 13, 2020



Is there a word for balding? Like, not bald yet but not a full head of hair? Similar question for greying. I don't have grey hair, but i have some grey hairs.


Not a native and not entirely sure whether it works here but generally you can use a’ fàs, lit. growing, for becoming, getting some way, for example (from Colin Mark’s dictionary): bha a lèirsinn a’ fàs sgleòthach his vision was becoming misty / misted, tha e a’ fàs sean he is getting old, … tha iad a’ fàs nas eòlaiche air teicneolas … they are becoming more familiar with technology, etc.

So I believe you could say: tha mi a’ fàs maol for I am getting bald.

maol also is a verb meaning Make blunt, bald or bare. 2 Become so. 3(DU) Cut one's hair. acc. to Dwelly and 1 blunt! 2 make bald! 3 bare! acc. to AFB. But Colin B.D. Mark doesn’t list it and I cannot find any good examples of usage related to hair on Google (most results are either lyrics of a song not related to hair, or some automatically translated spam websites).


The character has a mullet lol...

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