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Possible developments for the immersion section

  1. Be able to sort documents by whether they've been fully translated or not.

  2. Add an option to push articles to people based on their interests.

  3. Add an option to push articles to people based on the words that need practice.

  4. Allow people to create documents of their own driven from the lessons that they've completed

  5. At the end of each lesson, suggest a document that would help with the words learned during the lesson

  6. Push documents based on other criteria (not enough ratings, not high enough ratings, some sort of weighted average between who rates documents and their involvement in the language overall)

  7. A listing of difficulty or what lessons most relate to the document

  8. List how many people have updated/opened/completed/etc a document. It might be helpful to show the level of involvement within each article. I'm wondering if some people would be more inclined to translate certain articles if they knew how many people have previously translated the article. This was something that was visible in the beta versions.

May 8, 2013



I like many of these! We'll be making a number of changes to the immersion section soon.


I really like where it's at now compared to version we saw a month back. Tweaking it wouldn't be a bad thing though! :D


I had a play with duo lingo on my daughter's account when it first started and really liked the articles from junior wicki as they were a bit simpler. I think a choice of levels would be good.


Need more articles overall, and shorter articles again. Check immersion, almost all new articles are now 200 sentences or more. Also, can we gat translation count back in some access- count was more helpful than i think was generally known.

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