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"She's leaving in twenty minutes, but she has not yet packed her bags."

Translation:Elle part dans vingt minutes mais elle n'a pas encore fait ses bagages.

May 13, 2020



So even though this would happen in the future, it's acceptable French to use the present tense? I know we do this kind of thing in English, but I'm wondering if it translates directly into French.


It is indeed possible in french.
     Je prends le bus dans dix minutes.
     Demain je me lève de bonne heure.
     Nous déménageons à la fin de l'année.


Here we go again ... Sitesurf tells us we should use "dans" in phrases where/when some(one/thing) is "inside" something or a place. Clearly, that's not the case here. Seems like there's always exceptions to exceptions in the French language.


because your knowledge is so limited everything you encounter may seem like an exception, it's likely not an exception. that's true here.

'dans' has 3 major functions.
first, to indicate place. 'dans la chambre'
second, to introduce a time as is done here. 'dans vingt minutes'
third, to give approximate numbers. 'dans les quarante euros

dozens of uses of dans can be found here.


Thank you, that is so helpful....have a couple of lingos..

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