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How to Best Use Duolingo

I played with duolingo on my ipad for a bit, but only today realized there are translation exercises, vocabulary, etc. I just wondered if there is a page somewhere that explains how the site is recommended to be used for best effect, and how the various elements are best used together? Thanks!

May 8, 2013



We'll be adding a more in depth knowledge base soon where explanations like that will live. For now, let me know your questions here, and I can help get them answered! Thanks.


Ok, one thing I'm not clear on is if there is a level we need to be at in order to start translating? Also, how do we find translations to do that are appropriate for our level? Thanks!


Translations are not divided by levels now. You can try translation any time. At first you may want to read the text in parallel with the translation made by other users; it is a useful practice before you learn to translate yourself.


I think one of the best things about Duolingo is that it encourages you to explore the language yourself. It does not always tell you what to do but rather gives you an opportunity to do what you like: learn new lessons, review what you've learned with practice sessions, read and translate articles, communicate with other people in discussions. Apart from that, you don't have to restrict yourself with Duolingo only, you can also use other resources like grammar reference sites to make the difficult concepts clear. You are also encouraged to use quality dictionaries for better understanding of words and phrases.


Good explanation Olimo. I completely agree. I've gotten my Spanish students to get on and I constantly encourage them to explore and develop at their own speed. I think Duolingo combined with a face-to-face course, a private tutor, or a program like Pimsleur is ideal.

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