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"There's a big price difference between these two restaurants."

Translation:Il y a une grande différence de prix entre ces deux restaurants.

May 13, 2020



grosse difference ?


I can't use "restos" here? And yet DL gives resto for restaurant in other sentences. Sigh, still with all the inconsistencies.


Il y a une grande différence entre le prix de ces deux restaurants. This was marked incorrect. Is it right?


no. if something is entre there has to be at least two of them, plural. so it would be 'les prix'.

also, 'différence de prix' is a noun of noun, and 'de prix'is an adjective if you will, modifying différence, so it's a price difference/a difference in price.


Pourquoi 'de prix' et non ' du (de le) prix?


'différence de prix' (price difference) is a noun of noun. making 'de prix' an adjective, not a possessive (du prix).

noun of nouns are often compound words in french, bain de soleil (sunbathing), choc de prix (sticker shock) sometimes they are not. bande d'etudiants, groupe de copains. but the 'd'/de' phrase is always an 'adjective'.

la différence des prix is a possessive.

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