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XP Assignments - what counts?

Can someone tell me PRECISELY what counts and what doesn't count toward an XP assignment? One of my students emailed me, "I finally figured out how to complete the assignments on Duolingo, I kept only doing practice." She had very few XP and suddenly completed 5 assignments. Wouldn't her "practice" count toward assignments?

I will relay your answer to my students.

May 13, 2020



Yes, maybe there is a glitch. Maybe unassign and reassign! A warning in advance: do not allow them to do the stories. Some can be inappropriate.


Yes, the barbell should give XP. The one thing that does not give XP, sadly, is Duolingo Stories. The student will receive personal XP, but they will not count towards assignments.

I am golden in three of my languages, so I only practice them once a day, and get about 10-15 XP for each of them.

There is a bit of a lag right now due to high volumes. I suggest wait a day after the assignment is due before posting grades.

And just to double-check: Did you give your student a Skill Assignment, or an XP assignment?

Finally, when in doubt, check the student's activity log. You can also have them send you a screen shot.

Hope this helps!


The XP earned from "Skill Practice" seems to count toward assignments, but the XP earned via the barbell icon doesn't seem to count toward assignment completion. I don't know about the hearts tab. At least that's what I'm concluding after looking at students' progress and their complaints about earning XP that doesn't go toward assignments, even after waiting for the system to catch up.


I don't know why I never noticed that before! (Maybe because I can't convince my students to use it, and I never keep track of my own XP ;) Thank you for figuring this out, GinaMariot. I have added it to a "wish list" that we are compiling for Duo.


Global practice (using the dumbbell) definitely counts towards XP assignments. I just tried it. I would imagine the same is true for global practice using the Hearts button, as it replaces the dumbbell in the iOS app, but someone with access to an iOS device would need to verify that.

When you click the assignment, it even gives you the option to choose global practice:

Edit: to clarify, I tried it both in the desktop version and in the Android app.


If I have come to the wrong conclusion about the dumbbell XP not counting toward assignments, then I don’t know what the issue is with students who earn XP but they don’t count toward assignments. In their activity log, it shows the date/time, “Lesson” says “practice”, the XP is there, but under “Skill” it shows a ”-“.


but under “Skill” it shows a ”-“

That's because they're doing global practice. It doesn't practice one single skill, but instead picks exercises from various different skills, so there's nothing to show in that column.

Activity logs are full of bugs, though. I can't even see my own activity log. It says I am 'not currently learning French'.


Thank you, Atervanda!


Does the barbell "practice" give students XP toward assignments?


I have my students screenshot the completion screen for the story and upload it to an assignment in my LMS.


I'm still struggling to understand what counts and what doesn't. If I'm understanding all the forums I've visited only strengthening and completing new skills count towards XP for assignments.

Also, I understand the easiest way to ensure that the students are completing the assignment is for them to click on the assignment button- but that only works when they are on a computer. If using the app on a cell phone there is no way to see assignments nor the barbell...unless there is and I can't figure it out.

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