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Hi, I wonder if anyone knows the difference between skills and lessons and how students get them. I have students with hundreds of lessons and 0 (zero) skills. What does this mean?

May 13, 2020



Skills (e.g. Intro, Phrases, Travel for Spanish) consist of several lessons which you'll have to do to complete the skill. Hundreds of lessons and zero skills sounds a bit weird to me though =)

By the way, you posted this in the Spanish forum (check topic above post), while it may be better suited for the general board or even the Educators board (you can manage your subscriptions on the right of the main discussion page)

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Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that maybe this could happend if a student completes many lessons but not to the point to get the skill to gold.

I had my Duolingo set up for English for Spanish speakers, so Educators board wasn't an option, now I changed it. Thanks again.


You're welcome! What I find a bit weird is that skills don't consist of that many lessons if I recall correctly, and you need to complete each row of skills to at least level 1 (which would increase the skills count I guess) before you can move on to the next row?!? So hundreds of lessons with zero skills should not really be possible?!? Maybe something else is happening?

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I checked one student's activity and it shows she finished several skills to at least level 1, but Course progress shows zero skills. It’s really weird. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer.


I'm not familiar with the classroom functionality myself, but maybe you can get some extra data/statistics from duome? e.g. http://duome.eu/natagh --> on the top right you see a link "Learning English from Spanish". If you click that (direct link: http://duome.eu/natagh/progress) you can see an overview of the skills with some data like completion date, progress, strength, etc. Change the link to contain the student's username instead of your own to see theirs. Maybe it helps figuring out any anomalies you may encounter with your students? Good luck! =)

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I've known the site for a while but I didn't think of using it for this. Thanks a lot for the great idea.

I did what you suggested with the same student and it shows 9 skills and the same lessons. So, maybe it’s a problem with the app. Thank you, thank you again :)


Jesebas is correct: There are four or five lessons in each skill. Then the skill will change a different color.

I can't imagine how your students have hundreds of lessons and zero skills... Unless they made their account several years ago, didn't touch it, and now their skills have "cracked," that is, degraded, and Duolingo's spaced repetition algorithm says that they need to re-do the skills.

I suppose they could also be repeating "Basics" a hundred times and not clicking on the next circle...

Have your students send you screen shots. And what are you seeing when you look at their activity logs?

Hang in there; we'll get to the bottom of it.


I cannot set up a classroom; it is taking forever and if I back out of my class, only some of the students are showing. What can I do???


laninaespaniol, can you give us more description? Is this a connectivity issue, where the wheels are spinning forever and nothing is happening?

Your students won't show until you have successfully set up a class, given them the code, and they have inputted the code in "Progress sharing."

Since you have some of the students showing, I assume it means that you were able to set up a classroom? Follow through with your students and make sure that they are linking to your classroom. They need to

  1. Click on their avatar in the upper right

  2. Scroll down to "settings"

  3. Click on "progress sharing"

  4. Enter the code you give them.

Let us know if this fixes the problem!

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