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anymore ways to learn?

hello, Duo is a very interesting place to learn a new language but i myself wonder, is there any other methods to learn new language? Youtube channel, Games, Books etc. :d

May 13, 2020



Google radio stations speaking your target language and play them whenever you are doing 'nothing'. Being exposed to the language (passive listening) is the best way to learn it in the long term. It's the way children learn to speak, without knowing a single grammar rule.

Good luck!


Great! Ill try them out. Thanks :)

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    Flashcards for vocab (paper ones, personal and other user decks on Memrise). Pimsleur for speaking. Grammar exercises with a textbook. Films and Peppa Pig - for listening and shadowing. Conversations with native speakers. Reading. Writing articles/diaries/emails. Classes and tutors.


    Thanks For The Recommendations :D


    https://mangolanguages.com/ is a good site to learn languages. Though it's a paid service, they're offering a free access until June 30th, 2020. You can check it out.


    Write letters or text messages with someone who will also write in French.

    Listen to voices in French on YouTube videos.

    Speak almost any DuoLingo or other text you see in French.

    Translate English text to French (if you can) and speak it (in private if you need).

    Listen to French language newscasts. French t.v. is available via the Internet.

    Look for a hangman game in French. I saw one on the Net somewhere.

    Bescherelle (a French book publisher) has a website with some games. Read French blog pages.

    Buy French language books via the Internet. Amazon probably has the best.

    etc. etc. etc.


    Ah! Thanks ! :)))


    pimsleur.com and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK6TzBHhEUCKa6dgjlsVHEw are the other sources that I am using. It's been really fun.

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      • See the resources here for those starting out.

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