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"Demain, je ne travaillerai pas sur la plage !"

Translation:Tomorrow, I won't work on the beach!

May 13, 2020



Regarding to the English translation, you may want to check the use of the preposition "on", I believe it should've been "at the beach" instead of "on the beach".


Well, the thing is that in English the expression "to work on" usually means that you're either "fixing", "building", "creating" or "designing" something.

On the other hand, the preposition "at" clearly refers to a place. So if you we say that someone "works at the beach" it indicates that the his or her place of work is inside the beach perimeter.


Normal en même temps, c'est toujours interdit.


Tomorrow, I will not be working on the beach. REJECTED - why?


Because it's the continuous form.


Duo, can U fix this: "Tomorrow I will not be working on the beach!" should be accepted as a good translation, why not?


On the or at the? Has anyone been marked wrong for putting at the???

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