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  5. "Zij bellen de dokter."

"Zij bellen de dokter."

Translation:They call the doctor.

July 26, 2014



I would say "They phone the doctor" is also acceptable.


As a German I mix up "bellen" with the German word for "barking", which is "bellen" all the time -.-

There's a lot of words in Dutch and German that are written identically but mean quite different things so it's quite funny sometimes :)


Found this in Antwerpen, and, being German, found it very amusing, too! Wonderful case of a "false friend"! https://bondagetop.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/7787637_5838cd3604_m.jpeg


did that in german class in highschool too... but then the other way around...


What's the difference between dokter and arts?


Not much, I think. But when you say 'arts', i automatically assume it's a house doctor... I'm not sure though.


A house doctor? I am not familiar with this term. Is this like a GP (general practitioner)?


Yeah, sorry, I meant GP. (Mirror translating from my mother language to a language foreign to me to talk about a third language also somewhat foreign. Yaaay)


I don't fully agree, in most cases they mean the same and could be used interchangeably. Arts doesn't mean GP in english, as, besided huisarts you also have tandarts or spoedarts for example.

There is one particular case in which you could not use arts, it is when addressing the doctor; so that would always have to be dokter. "Goedemorgen, dokter" for example.


They are calling the doctor should also be correct

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