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Where can I find the Words and Immersion menu options? Words disappeared...

I was just reviewing some Dutch vocabulary earlier today and now there is not longer an option to access it. All I see is Home, Activity and Discussion.

Is the website being revamped?

I also don't have an Immersion option, but I wonder if that's unavailable until I reach a higher level in Dutch.

July 26, 2014



Dutch is in Beta, so Immersion and Words (if I am correct with that one) are unavailable for now. So even if you reach a higher level in Dutch, you won't get Immersion, sorry :(

If you're on the other courses (Spanish, French, German, Italian, and/or Portuguese, whichever you're studying) I suggest you refresh the page. It's a glitch that the Duolingo team is trying to fix, so don't worry.


Hmm, I was using the Dutch vocab review a lot of the past few days. I hope it comes back soon. Thanks

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