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"It's clear that I'm not buying this overpriced pair of pants."

Translation:C'est clair que je n'achète pas ce pantalon trop cher.

May 14, 2020



Ok so I tried a thing and got it wrong.

I noticed we were doing the whole "-là" et "-ci" thing in this lesson so I took a stab and tried, "C'est clair que je n'achète pas ce pantalon-ci trop cher" I got it wrong but I dont know if it was 'wrong' wrong or just 'DL' wrong (not what Duo was looking for but still okay)

Help? Do you ditch the -là and -ci with negatives or something?


-ci is not necessary here. You would use it when you would mean this one as opposed to that one.
But depending on the context, it is not wrong


Thanks okay


Also got this one wrong for the same reason, very frustrating DL!


Hola!!! Soy de Barbados! Stay safe !


Unofficially, is it ok to say ce trop cher pantalon, in order to emphasize the trop cher?


Why is ci not placed after pantalon?


See Jojo's explanation, above.


C'est clair que je n'achète pas cette paire de pantalons trop chers. What's wrong with this? Someone please explain.


It's because "pantalon" must be singular and not plural. French just doesn't do a plural for "pants" like English does. You don't refer to a "pair/e," because the word "pantalon" means just one "pant," neither plural nor a pair, just a simple singular. So you would not have "paire de," and "cher" has to be singular and not plural. Also 'pantalon' is masculine; you would not be referring to a feminine "paire," because "paire de" is not supposed to even be there. So you can't have "cette," you just have to have a plain singular masculine "ce." That is, "ce pantalon."

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