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"He was born in Paris but he's of Lebanese descent."

Translation:Il est né à Paris mais il est d'origine libanaise.

May 14, 2020



Why is "libanaise" used and not libanais?


Because origine is feminine.
     Il est né à Paris mais il est d'origine libanaise.
     Il est né à Paris mais il est libanais d'origine.


In which case why is it d'origine instead of de l'origine? Aaaaaarrrgggghh!


Stuart.bus, Origine is feminine...so libanaise is the correct wording....


Maybe there is no logic. It's just French. ☹


Why is il est né used for he was born? Doesn't that mean he is born???


It seems to work as both "he is born", and "he was born" . "Né" works as a past participle that takes être rather than avoir. Maybe the logic is that you can never truly say "he is born" in the present tense since the event must be passed by the time you finish the sentence


I read what the reason of the feminine form is. But the tip DUOlingo gives sucks big time because from the tip one can only conclude that the correct answer should be masculine :-

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