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  5. "Tha falt liath orm."

"Tha falt liath orm."

Translation:I have gray hair.

May 14, 2020



Yea. What happened to glas!


Is light blue and grey interchangeable in all cases, or specifically hair color?


Okay so i get liath is used for grey when referring to hair, but how would i say i have light blue hair?


Is hair exclusively liath, or can glas be used instead?


Why pick orm over agam? Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question.


It’s a good place – the discussions under sentences are to discuss those sentences. ;-)

I answered it in another comment some time ago, take a look there: "Do I have a small head?" and also in "Tha falt snog air.".

In general tha falt liath agam would mean that you have (someone else’s?) gray hair in your possession, eg. kept somewhere in your drawer… while tha falt liath orm means that you have gray hair as a part of you, growing on your body.

See also the Aig, air agus ann an or The severed head article on the Akerbeltz wiki.

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