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To which set of duolingo stories should I listen at my level?

I like using Duolingo stories to learn French. But I often find some words in lessons after I came to them in stories.

Is there a post organizes this matter, and tells you the suitable set of stories with levels?

May 14, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I can't really seem to find any sort of post that deals with levels and stories. For me, however, I find that if I would try to go through a story and would find a tough time, I would try and progress through the Duolingo tree for a few days to learn some content, and revisit that same story. For example, I was a few topics past checkpoint one and going through a story in the second set was difficult. Now that I'm almost to the second checkpoint, it's been a lot easier to follow each story in the second set. I hope that helps :)


    Mon conseil est simplement commencer a jouer les Histoires. There is no penalty for stopping in the middle of one, if you discover that you aren't quite ready for it.

    Timor mortis conturbat me. 2020-05-14


    probably from your level id say level 5 to 9 depends


    There is no link between lessons and stories. It is one of the joys.


    If you're not ready for the story, you can redo the story to learn more of the vocab or grammar that you didn't catch the first time.


    Start with the easy ones and keep going until they become too difficult. Then do more lessons and you'll be able to understand more stories.

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