waht is the difference between en,au,aux

it is always difficult for me so please help me

May 14, 2020


Here are the general rules to say your are in a place, or going to a place in French.

•Places ending in “E” = feminine = use “en”

-Je suis en France.

•Places ending in any other vowel = masculine = use “au”

-Je vais au Canada, je suis au Congo.

•Places ending in a consonant = masculine = use “au”

-Je vais au Japon.

•Places ending in “S” are usually masculine, but not always. Use “aux”

-Je vais aux États-Unis.

•Use “en” + places starting with a vowel or a mute h (no matter whether they are feminine or masculine)

-Je vais en Iran, je vais en Éthiopie.

•Use à + cities.

-Je suis à Paris.

This is great! You can can also au and aux (the plural of au) to signifie to: Je donne l'argent au pauvre (I give money to one poor person) Je donne l'argent aux pauvres (I give money to the poor (in general)

thank you so so much

this was really helpful

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