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  5. "Jullie eten soep."

"Jullie eten soep."

Translation:You eat soup.

July 26, 2014



Ugh! Julie, stop eating soap! :D

(Just kidding around. I understand what the correct answer is.)


I love your parenthesis; that you had to specify it was a joke.


At first I typed "Jullie eats soup" for the translation! :D Good thing I caught my mistake!


Although I knew it was soup, i wrote the answer quickly and wrote "you eat soap" It looks too similar to soap for my brain!


We have all eaten soap once, or is it just me? Just me? Ok ill be quiet...


I´m a Spanish Native Speaker, please, English Speakers, clear my mind: In English you say "I eat soup" or can I say..."I drink Soup"?

I ever say "I drink Soup", becaus it is a liquid with pieces of things inside it!


Honestly, I wouldn't get hung up on this one. :)

There is no strict rule, but generally:

If you have to use a spoon, then you're "eating soup."

If you don't need a spoon, then you're "drinking soup."

If you just want to avoid the issue, you can say "I'm having soup."


Honestamente, no te preocupes por esto. :)

No hay ninguna regla estricta, pero generalmente:

Si tienes que usar una cuchara, entonces estés "eating soup."

Si usted no necesita una cuchara, entonces estés "drinking soup."

Si lo que quieres es evitar el problema, puedas decir "I'm having soup."


Perfectamente comprendido, En Colombia, mi pais, si estamos "comiendo", y decimos, me voy a comer la sopa, damos a entender que nos la vamos a comer incluyendo el plato!

I got it!!! In Colombia, when we are having dinner, and someone says, "ey, I´m going to eat my soup - It is referring that the person goes to eat the soup including the dish in it -", As far as we do is just drink the soup.....

Dankjewel Meneer!


I almost put soap...


Me too, that would be equally delicious. I love some delicious soap.


what the different between julie eten and jij eet?


"Jullie eten" is plural while "jij eet" is singular.


If it helps...think of Jullie like american's who use ya'll (you all).


From "Je lieden" (you guys). This also tells you that it should be pronounced with a shwa in the first syllable. Currently, the audio here pronounces it "Ju-lie".


Wait, so i typed in Juille eten soep(struggled with soup) and it got marked wrong. This question. Are we supposed to translate or type what we hear?


Sometimes DL is forgiving on spelling but not always, so be careful. Jullie


The question asked for nore than i person. The answer should have been allowed!


Unfortunately, you're not talking to the contributors, but rather to the forum of your fellow pupils. If you tell us what your answer was, then we might be able to tell you whether your outrage was justified. And if it is, then you should report that when you get that question anew.


Why Jullie for You and not Je for You.


Way wrong the reading 're you! The Dutch question is about "Jullie", and the translation of "jullie" is always "you". If the Dutch question had been about "Jij" or "Je", then the translation would also have been "you", because English doesn't distinguish between "jullie" en "jij".


Can we write you are eating soup?


Is "you are eating soup" also correct? Why?

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